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Efficient Roasting

Berto R roaster employs 100% convection heat transfer. This method is suitable for big capacity roasters since convection is the most efficient form of heat transfer for roasting.
The roaster also recirculates the return heat, which will cut down the energy consumption even more.

Quality Workmanship

Just like any other Berto roasters, the R roasters are using stainless steel body. By using stainless steel SAE 304, You can be sure that Berto R is tough, durable and food safe. It also requires minimum maintenance. As always all Berto roasters are protected by a 2 year warranty*.

*Applies in Indonesia only.

Intuitive Control

PLC/HMI control comes standard with every R roaster. The machine control is very intuitive, easy to operate and requires minimum learning. Consistent and repeatable results are easy to achieve as the machine features Recipe mode which allows automatic operation. Future upgrades may be done by updating the PLC software.




Full Convection Heat Transfer

Efficient Recirculated Heat

Cleaner Emission with Smoke Reducer

Quick Cooling

Very Responsive

Tough, Durable and Hygienic with Stainless Steel SAE 304

2 Year Warranty (Indonesia)

Designed and Manufactured in Indonesia