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A Guide to Choosing the Right Coffee Roaster Machine for Your Business

The quest for the perfect cup of coffee starts at its core: the roast. As the coffee industry flourishes, selecting the right commercial coffee roaster machine remains essential. Whether you’re a budding roaster or an established coffee shop name looking to upgrade, navigating the options can be daunting. Let’s simplify that for you.

Firstly, Let’s Envision Your Coffee Roasting Dream.

Before getting lost in glossy brochures, crystalize your intent:

  • Are you introducing in-house roasting for your coffee shop?
  • Expanding online sales?
  • Catering to retail outlets?
  • Upgrading your current roasting capacity?


Key Considerations to Keep in Mind.

  • Budget & Payment: Factor in the initial costs and potential financing options.
  • Placement & Workflow: Ensure your space complements the coffee roaster machine’s size and operational needs.
  • Roasting Profiles: Aim for a machine that caters to the diverse roast levels you plan to offer.
  • Future Projections: Consider your growth over the next few years.


Establishing A Partnership Beyond Purchase

It’s not just about buying a coffee roaster machine; it’s about finding a partner that aligns with your vision. The right supplier resonates with your coffee ethos.

At Berto, we prioritize relationships. From your first inquiry about our products, communication remains open and direct. When you buy a Berto roaster, it marks the start of our collaboration, not the end. Maintaining your machine’s performance is essential to us.

Our team’s foundation is a genuine passion for coffee. We’re not just making machines but we’re part of the specialty coffee community. This commitment is evident in the quality of our roasters, the features we develop, and the support we provide. With Berto, you get a partner as invested in coffee as you are, ensuring we work together to improve every cup.


Understanding Types of Coffee Roaster Machines


Drum Coffee Roasters

These are the more traditional choices and are widely preferred by many professionals. They use conduction and convection heating methods to roast beans, offering a versatile coffee roasting experience.


Drum coffee roaster machines from Berto Roaster



  • Versatility: Can handle a wide range of roast profiles from light to dark, allowing for more customized roasts.
  • Batch Roasting: Typically designed for larger batches, making them suitable for commercial purposes.
  • Flavor Development: The combined conduction and convection heating can lead to richer flavor development in the beans.
  • Durability: Many drum roasters are built robustly, ensuring a longer lifespan with proper maintenance.
  • Traditional Appeal: Offers a more traditional roasting method that can appeal to purists and those looking for artisanal roasting.


  • Limited Batch Size: Typically designed for smaller batches compared to drum roasters.
  • Heat Consistency: Requires careful monitoring to ensure even heat distribution and prevent scorching or uneven roasts.
  • Maintenance: Tends to need regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent residue buildup and maintain performance.
  • Learning Curve: Can be slightly more challenging to master initially, especially for those new to roasting.
  • Space: Drum roasters, especially commercial ones, can be bulkier and require more space.
  • Energy Consumption: Might consume more energy compared to some modern roasting machines.


Recognizing the benefits and challenges of drum roasters, the key is to pick a machine that enhances the positives and addresses the pitfalls. This is where the Berto Type D Roaster shines.


The Berto Type D Roaster– Elevating each roast, every time.

Versatile Scale: Catering to coffee roasting needs from 100 kg to 5 tons a month.

A Symbol of Growth: More than a machine, it reflects your coffee journey.

Distinctive Quality: Advanced features for consistent, unique roast profiles.

Precision Control: Digital gas controls combined with Air Pressure Assist™ for consistent roasting. Playback Assist™ integrates with platforms like Artisan or Cropster for ease of replication.

Durable Design: Constructed with SAE304 stainless steel, ensuring longevity and adherence to food safety standards.

For those looking to begin their roasting journey or coffee shops wanting to integrate an in-house roastery without breaking the bank, there’s the Berto Essential.


Berto Essential – Quality Within Reach.

This powerful roaster packs a punch with its sleek design while being budget-friendly. Designed with a 1 kg capacity, it’s perfect for newcomers to the roasting scene or cafes looking to add a touch of in-house authenticity. Its modern aesthetics and compact size mean it won’t just be a workhorse but a visual centerpiece. Don’t let its price point fool you; the Berto Essential is packed with all the necessities professional coffee roasters demand.


Air Coffee Roasters

Air roasters, commonly called fluid bed roasters, use a fast stream of hot air to roast coffee beans. This method provides a different roasting dynamic than traditional drum roasters, leading to distinct flavor profiles and roast qualities.


Air coffee roaster machines from Berto Roaster



  • Even Roasting: The continuous air flow ensures beans roast uniformly, reducing the chance of uneven or scorched beans.
  • Quick Roast Times: Generally, air roasters can complete a roast in a shorter time span.
  • Clean Flavor Profile: The hot air method tends to highlight brighter and more acidic notes in coffee.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Fewer moving parts can mean less maintenance in the long run.
  • Eco-friendly: Many air roasters produce less smoke, making them more environmentally friendly.


  • Flavor Nuances: Some coffee purists argue that drum roasters can provide more depth in flavor.
  • Energy Intensive: The continuous blast of hot air can consume more energy.
  • Durability: Given their build, some models might not be as robust as drum roasters.

When choosing the right air roaster, picking a machine that accentuates the advantages and addresses potential challenges is vital. That’s why we made the Berto Essential Air.


Cleaner Cup. Cleaner Air.

The Berto Essential Air isn’t just an air roaster—it’s a revolution in compact, smokeless hot air coffee roasting. Touted as the world’s smallest smokeless hot air coffee roaster machine, its 3 kg capacity ensures coffee shops and budding roasteries can leap into air roasting without worrying about budget or space constraints.

Roasting via the hot air minimizes defects, promising a pristine cup of coffee on every brew. In an era where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword but a mandate, the Berto Essential Air stands out with its smokeless system. Reducing air pollution ensures that your love for coffee doesn’t come at the planet’s expense. Experience enhanced quality, rapid roasting, and a nod to eco-friendliness—all without stretching your budget.

Alternatively, you can go more pro with our automated and smokeless Type R Roaster— the perfect air roaster for medium to large scale productions. Learn about the full benefits here.

While technology propels us forward, the essence of coffee roasting lies in the senses. Regular cupping sessions, blind tastings, and experimental roasts will refine your palate and ensure your roasts’ consistent quality. But in the meantime, invest in a reliable machine!

Contact our team if you’re unsure which roaster machine to choose for your business. We’re always here to help.

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