Proudly Born & Brewed: Indonesia’s Finest Coffee Roasting Machines

Proudly Born & Brewed: Indonesia’s Finest Coffee Roasting Machines

As the global demand for specialty coffee continues to soar, roasters around the world are on the hunt for the perfect coffee roasting machines to bring out the rich, nuanced flavors of their carefully sourced beans. Nestled in the heart of Indonesia, a country renowned for its exceptional coffee production, a new generation of roasting equipment manufacturers is emerging, offering innovative solutions to meet the needs of both small-scale artisanal roasters and large-scale commercial operations.

One such manufacturer that has caught the attention of the specialty coffee community is Berto Roasters. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Berto’s lineup of roasters is designed to provide users with precise control over the roasting process, enabling them to consistently coax out the best qualities of their beans.

Let’s get to know Berto’s lineup of coffee roasting machines and discover how each model caters to the diverse needs of the coffee roasting community.


Berto Essential Air

The Berto Essential Air is a compact, entry-level coffee roaster that packs a punch. It is the quintessential choice for roasters seeking to achieve excellence in air-roasting, without having to break the bank.

With a weight capacity of 3 kg per batch, this machine is small in size yet a powerhouse designed with efficiency and precision. It employs advanced airflow technology to guarantee even roasting and superior flavor development, ensuring that each batch reaches its full potential, and delivers a consistent and uniform roast every time.

Despite its compact design, which makes it an ideal choice for small-scale operations, the Berto Essential Air does not compromise on the quality of the roast. It’s built to cater to the needs of small-scale artisanal roasters, providing a perfect solution for those embarking on their specialty coffee journey or seeking to experiment with new roast profiles. Offering a blend of simplicity and sophistication, this machine makes high-quality air-roasting accessible without requiring a large investment, embodying a commitment to excellence and innovation in coffee roasting technology.

Berto Roaster Machine Essential Air Specification

Explore the full specifications of Berto Essential Air.


Berto Essential

For those who appreciate the art of traditional drum roasting, the Berto Essential stands out as a masterpiece, marrying the timeless charm of classic roasting techniques with the precision of modern technology.

This machine is designed to offer unparalleled control over every stage of the roasting process, featuring robust construction and intuitive controls that cater to artisans demanding reliability and precision. It’s a machine that deeply respects the craft of coffee roasting, making it a valuable asset for any roastery!

Enhancing its appeal, the Berto Essential model is designed to accommodate a broader range of roasting operations with a 1 kg weight capacity, all the while maintaining its commitment to quality and control.

Equipped with a user-friendly digital interface, it allows roasters to fine-tune variables such as drum speed and charge temperature meticulously. This level of control ensures roasters can effortlessly achieve their desired roast profile, making the Berto Essential a perfect blend of tradition and innovation for those looking to level up in their coffee roasting artistry.

Berto Roaster Machine Essential Specification

Explore the full specifications of Berto Essential.


Berto Type D Roaster

The Berto Type D Roaster is designed for roasters who aim to scale up their operations without compromising the artisanal quality of their coffee. This versatile machine is well-suited for both small and medium-sized roasting operations, offering larger capacities and enhanced control features for medium to large-scale productions. Available in 3 kg, 6 kg and 12 kg variants, the Type D stands out with its innovative design that guarantees consistent roasting and flavor profiles, batch after batch.

Equipped with advanced features like programmable roast profiles, real-time data monitoring, and precise temperature control, the Type D Roaster enables roasters to confidently meet increased demand while adhering to the high standards their customers have come to expect.

These capabilities not only facilitate experimentation with different roast profiles but also unlock the full potential of the beans. With the Type D, coffee roasters can navigate the challenges of scaling their operations, ensuring that each batch remains a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation!

Berto Roasting Machine Type D Roaster Specification

Explore the full specifications of Berto Type D Roaster.


Berto Type R Roaster

At the pinnacle of Berto’s coffee roasting lineup is the Type R Roaster, a high-capacity machine engineered to accommodate the demands of large-scale commercial operations. Available in 8 kg, 20 kg and 60 kg models, the Type R is designed for exceptional efficiency and consistency, featuring advanced cooling systems, efficient heat-exchange mechanisms, and intuitive control panels.

These technical specifications allow the Type R Roaster to maintain reliable performance even when processing large batches of coffee. The machine’s industrial-grade construction and state-of-the-art features empower commercial roasters to maintain precise control over key variables like temperature and airflow, enabling them to achieve a wide range of nuanced flavor profiles.

What sets the Type R apart is its ability to combine substantial capacity with the level of control and precision typically associated with smaller, artisanal-focused roasters. This makes it a compelling option for large-scale operations that refuse to compromise on quality, allowing them to achieve consistently excellent results even as they scale up their production.

While the investment in a Type R Roaster represents a significant capital expenditure, its robust design and advanced capabilities are intended to provide a strong return on investment for commercial roasters. By empowering them to unlock the full potential of their beans and deliver exceptional coffee at scale, the Type R positions itself as a benchmark in high-performance coffee roasting equipment.

Berto Roasting Machine Type R Roaster Specification

Explore the full specifications of Berto Type R Roaster.


As the global specialty coffee market continues to evolve, the coffee roasting machines manufactured in Indonesia, exemplified by Berto Roasters’ range, are poised to play an increasingly significant role in helping roasters around the world unlock the full potential of their beans and deliver exceptional, consistently roasted coffee.

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