Why Berto Coffee Roasters?

At Berto, we believe that every product we make should inspire and elevate your life. 

We do this by creating beautiful products that are so easy to use and reliable that you can focus your energy on your growth.

And yes, we make automated and smokeless coffee roasters.

Our journey has taken us to various industries from cosmetics, to food, and finally to the coffee industry. In everything we do, we pride ourselves to always uphold to the highest standards and commitment.
​But here's the reason why we're here, doing what we do:
We believe we can simplify the coffee roasting process.

We will take the pain points away, so you don't have to have them. As a business owner, you can focus on growing your business – including selling great coffee. From micro roasters, artisan cafés to large coffee manufacturers, we are here to care for you.

​You may ask, do we know coffee? We believe we know enough to assist you, but then again, enough is never enough – that is why we are grateful to have help all around to help us get better and better and to continually grow in this coffee roasting business. We work together with a team of skillful technicians, automation professionals, coffee experts and our customers to bring you the best coffee roasting machines in the market.

FUN FACT 1: We built our first coffee roaster in 2007, and kept perfecting our trade for ten full years before we even had the courage to sell a single unit to anybody.

FUN FACT 2: We have actually been in the coffee business for some time. Our products? Kopi Susu Jumbo (sachet powder), Kopi Bajigur (sachet powder) and, you guessed it, single origin roasted beans.
That was in 2007.


Our History at a Glance

Berto was founded in 1984 by Robert Patilaya. It was pretty much a one-man show at the beginning, focused on cosmetics machineries before diversifying into food machineries about a decade later. We were the first company to manufacture enrobers, cooling tunnels, extruders and fryers in Indonesia. In the late 1990s we started exporting, starting with ASEAN and the Middle East market and then expanding into Australia and Europe.

In 2007 we built our first coffee roaster, the 60 kg convection roaster. During the period 2007-2010 we also opened and ran our own coffee roastery in Tangerang, West Java. Yes, we’ve done it all well before the coffee boom. We also ran a small roasted beans shop in Northern Jakarta. In addition to this, we also manufactured cocoa roasters and peanut roasters and export these to several countries.

In 2016 we revisited our coffee roaster designs and conducted an extensive research and development effort to improve them. In 2017, ten years after we built our first coffee roaster, we finally pivoted our business to exclusively focus on the coffee roasting industry.

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A Brief History of Berto

Berto has a long history spanning over 30 years. Here's a brief history of us.


Berto was founded by Robert Patilaya. It was pretty much a one man show in the beginning.


We focussed on cosmetics machineries.


We focussed on food machineries.

Mid 1990s

We were the first to make enrober, cooling tunnel, extruder and fryer in Indonesia.

Late 1990s

Exported our machines to ASEAN and the Middle East.


Exported our machine to Australia.


First export to Europe.


Made our first coffee roaster. It was a 60 kg convection roaster.


We opened and ran a coffee roastery in Tangerang. Yes, we've done it all, long before the coffee boom. We also ran a small roasted beans shop in North Jakarta area.


We built 120 kg peanut roasters and sent them to several countries.


We built our first cocoa roaster.


We revisited our roasters designs and conducted R&Ds to improve them.


Ten years after we built our first coffee roaster, we pivot our business to the coffee roasting industry.

If you are interested in our Roasters, or have a question about coffee roasting,
please drop us a line here. We will be happy to hear from you.

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