This is our latest product, Berto Essential Roaster. A powerful roasting machine with a sleek design and budget-friendly price, suitable for those who want to start roasting coffee or establish a cafe with an in-house roastery. With 1kg capacity, modern look and compact size, this roaster machine takes up less space and will be an attractive addition to your business. This machine has everything that is required by professional coffee roasters. Start with the essential, start with Berto Essential Roaster. Formidable machine with affordable price.

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Even though this machine is smaller in size, it is still powerful for production with multiple batches. One of the main advantages of this machine is its automatic Bean Temperature (BT) control function to maintain a stable temperature throughout the heating process. Another advantage is its ability for automatic replication, which guarantees the quality to be entirely consistent regardless of who operates the machine. With Berto Essential Roaster, you can delegate tasks easily.

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With Berto Essential Roaster, the control is entirely in your hand. One of the things that set Berto Essential apart from other brands is that this machine is designed to be highly responsive, so the roasters can freely explore in order to achieve their desired roasting profiles. A smooth and linear gas adjustment, with electronic gas control using a rotary knob. Easy airflow control using a damper. A roaster’s job has never been this easy!


For those moments when your day does not go as planned, you can still rely on Berto Essential Roaster to do its job. Just like with other Berto machines, safety has always been our priority. Our roasting machine is equipped with a safety regulator as well as ignition and burner safety controls to ensure safety while the machine is operating. With Berto Essential Roaster, you can work safely even during unexpected moments.

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1 kg

Roasting time as fast as 7 minutes
Cooling time less than 4 minutes

Rotary drum with stirrer
7mm thickness
Single layer
62 RPM speed

Atmospheric type
Linear modulation control

Centrifugal fan

Chaff Collection
High-efficiency cyclone with chaff collection container

Electronic gas control with a rotary knob
Smooth and linear gas adjustment
Airflow control with a damper

ET digital indicator, BT digital indicator, Burner gas pressure analog indicator

Automatic roasting profile replication (must be connected to a data-logging application on PC/Mac)
Automatic BT setting to maintain the temperature during the heating process (preheat)

Data Logging
USB connection

Gas Installation
Low-pressure regulator
Safety regulator (second regulator)
Gas valve with electronic control for burner adjustments
Ignition and burner safety control

300 Watts, 330 Volts, 1 phase

If you are interested in our BERTO ESSENTIALS Roaster, or have a question about coffee roasting,
please drop us a line here. We will be happy to hear from you.

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