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Client Profile – Aromaseduh Roastery

Aromaseduh Roastery is constantly searching for the best coffees and the most unique flavour profiles. Started as a hobby which turned into a passion, the roastery was established in early 2019 by Oki Herusatmoko and Bayu Restu, each with years of experience in the coffee industry under their belts.

Aromaseduh Roastery is currently roasting in Tangerang area. The company’s philosophy is to present clean, vibrant, balanced, complex light roasts without any caramelized nor underdeveloped flavours. They work directly with coffee farmers, selecting new crops and sampling their coffee beans through various cupping sessions.

Setting Your Coffee Apart

What sets this roastery apart from their competitors is that they present coffees with custom post-harvest processing, mostly single varietals, from their coffee processing partners. They put emphasis on high value for quality, drinking experience, and price.

Aromaseduh Roastery provides a wide range of coffee beans, both from Indonesia such as Gayo, Toraja and West Java, as well as from overseas such as Panama. Each product has detailed information on origins, the coffee washing process, and tasting notes. Their best-selling product is Toraja Pulu-Pulu which is fully washed and dry hulled. The coffee is cultivated from single varietal Toraja Pulu- Pulu, which is
grown at 1,800 – 2,300 meters above sea level, which creates a complex, floral aroma profile with notes of jasmine, bergamot, currants, honey & panela. The products are packed in 100gr, 150gr and 200gr bags with natural, attractive labels and sold online via Tokopedia, Shopee and @beangasm.

Aromaseduh Roastery has a positive outlook on the future of the coffee industry in Indonesia, as more and more people are getting partial to consuming coffee on a daily basis. With an increasing middle-income class market and its growing taste for coffee, supported by the ease of online selling, the future indeed looks promising.

Aromaseduh and Berto Roaster Machine

For roasting their products, Aromaseduh Roastery uses Berto R Roaster combined with Artisan software, which suits their needs very well. According to them, this coffee roasting machine can very easily modulate and shape any coffee attributes to its full potential. It is also flexible so the user can tweak with everything – RPM, airflow, powerful burner, or recirculated convection systems in order to get the roasting profile that you need.

Aromaseduh Roastery
Operating hours: 09.00 – 17.00
Instagram: @aromaseduh
Facebook: Aroma Seduh

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