All the Basic Things You Need to Consider When Selecting a Coffee Roaster Beberapa Pertimbangan Sebelum Memilih Mesin Roasting

All the Basic Things to Consider When Selecting a Coffee Roaster

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Selecting the right coffee roaster for your business can be a bit daunting as there are so many options available.

Nowadays there are a multitude of variations, sizes, forms, prices, functions and designs of coffee roasting machines in the market. Not all of them are designed the same. How do you determine which one is the perfect one for your business?

With this article we will give you some basic guidelines to narrow down your options so your roasting machine fits into your business and still serve your purpose well into the future. Let’s look at some of the things you need to know before purchasing the right coffee roaster that suits your needs.


Things to consider when selecting a coffee roaster


What is the size of the roasting machine that is convenient for your business? The best idea is to determine the size that you think you need, then buy a roaster with one size higher. This will ensure you have enough room for growth as well as save you time and money in the long run. Berto roasters has various sizes to suit your need, both for your current operation and your future growth.


Budget is always a significant concern before purchasing anything, but when selecting a coffee roaster, it might not be a good idea to settle with the cheapest one. Good quality roasters are generally more expensive – because they use high quality materials, advanced technology, they offer endurance, ease of use and low maintenance. Remember that you are buying so much more than just a machine – you are buying work efficiency and consistent, great roasting quality.


A good quality roaster needs to have the ability to control the flame and airflow. Also, you may consider a roasting machine that connects to a roast profiling software. With this roast profiling feature, you are guaranteed to yield the exact same quality at every batch, regardless on who operates the machine. All of our Berto roasters are connected to Artisan software for automated profile replicator to maintain the consistency of your roast. In addition, Berto also offers safety features such as gas leak detector, low pressure alarm, flame failure detector and safe shut down. You can read more about our features in our Products section. In short, Berto coffee roasters simplify your roasting process and enable you to have full control of the whole operation

Ease of Use

You need a roaster that is easy to use without having to hire an expert to operate it. The process should be straightforward, the controls should be easy to recognize and use, laid out for the most optimum user experience. Ideally, the control panel should be optimized to minimize your movement during operating.


A well-maintained machine will run smoothly and more durable in the long run. You need to take good care of your coffee roasting machine to ensure its productivity. Fortunately, Berto coffee roasters are designed to function with easy maintenance – all you need to do is grease it regularly.

In conclusion, there are quite a number of points to consider when selecting a roaster; after all, it is an important investment. Let your final choice be the right one for your business.

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