Berto D-Roaster Machine: The Smart Drum Roaster

Berto D-Roaster Machine: The Smart Drum Roaster

When your business is booming, you start to think of increasing your roasting capacity. Moreover, you also need to delegate the task of roasting coffee but it is still paramount to get the consistent level of roast quality on each batch. What is the solution? In this article, we are highlighting one of our products, Berto D Roasters. This particular type of smart drum roaster might be the perfect solution to your needs.


What Is A Drum Roaster?

A drum roaster is a method of turning green coffee beans into roasted beans using a cylinder, also called a drum, that is mounted horizontally so that the beans can rotate easily and attain an even roasting process. Usually, the cylinder is heated from underneath, so the beans are roasted slowly as they tumble over inside the chamber without ever contacting the flame. Inside the drum roaster, the beans are roasted directly with the heat from the walls of the drum and also indirectly from the hot air that is trapped inside the drum. This is the opposite of the direct-flame method where the heat is placed inside the chamber, coming into straight contact with the coffee beans and roasting them almost immediately.

A coffee roaster who wishes to obtain a superior quality usually works with drum roasters that offer a versatility to play around with drum speed and airflow. With a variable drum speed, one can determine the agitation of the beans inside the drum, which affects how much of the beans are exposed to the passing hot air at any one time. A spoon is attached at the front plate of the roasting machine,  to take samples whenever necessary during the roasting process. This way, the operator can do regular visual checks of his roast. After the roasting process is finished, the beans fall through an opening door into a cooling bin. In this bin, the beans are cooled down by air suction and constant stirring. After the cooling down and de-gassing period is concluded, the roasted coffee beans are finally ready to be packed.


Berto D-Roaster: The Smart Drum Roaster

Berto D-Roaster machines are the best coffee roasting machine for small to medium scale coffee roasters. It is available in three different capacities, 3kg, 6kg and 12 kg so you can easily choose one that is suitable for you.

As your business is accelerating, you might need to start to delegate tasks in order to focus on growing your business. More operators might be in charge of roasting coffee beans, and yet a perfect end result must be achieved on each batch. Berto D-Roasters has all the right features to achieve consistent quality of the ready-to-use roasted coffee beans.

The smart features of Berto D-Roasters:

  • Curve Control

Curve Control is an automated profile replicator which will help you maintain the consistency of your coffee beans no matter who operates the roaster machine.

  • Data logging

Data logging is an important feature to maintain the quality of your coffee beans production. With a data logging function, you can ensure the machine runs within the same parameters, compare and analyze data and plan for the batches ahead.

  • Stainless Steel

Berto D-Roaster uses SAE 304 stainless steel, which is tough, durable, hygienic, and adheres to most food safety standards. As an added advantage, this material will come in handy when you are applying for regulatory certification.

  • Safety controls

The coffee roasting machine has multiple safety controls such as gas leak detector, low-pressure alarm, flame failure detector, and safe shut down.

  • Ease of use and low maintenance

Berto D-Roasters is very straightforward to use and designed for optimum user experience. It is also created to function with very low maintenance.


You can read the full specification of the Berto D-Roaster machines here.

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