Client Profile - Dapoer Kopi | a coffee roastery that specializes in Toraja coffee beans

Client Profile – Dapoer Kopi

Dapoer Kopi is a coffee roastery that specializes in Toraja coffee beans was established in 2010 by founder Christine Tandibua. Currently the coffee roastery’s signature blends are Toraja Asong, Toraja Pulu Pulu, Toraja Yale, and Toraja Sapan, which are sold via both online and offline platforms. Their house blends are in high demands with various coffee shops, generating close to 50% of their revenues, for the following reasons:

  1. Guaranteed quality of the raw coffee beans, proven by 40 years of experience as a coffee processor
  2. Guaranteed quality of the roasted coffee beans, as their roaster machine is connected to the computer to ensure the roast consistency
  3. The value for money

Dapoer Kopi is quite optimistic with the future of the coffee industry in Indonesia. With the population of over 250 million people, clearly this country is a huge market and a lot of things can be improved. Their coffee philosophy is very simple: Coffee For Everyone.


Experience and Passion Is The Key To Be A Successful Coffee Roastery

As mentioned before, Dapoer Kopi’s family background in North Toraja is a coffee processor with roughly 40 years of work experience in the coffee industry. In 2008, a client in Jakarta asked “Why don’t you start selling Toraja coffee?” With the intention of being the best Toraja coffee roastery in Indonesia, they started to introduce Toraja Sapan as native coffee beans of North Toraja. The business started with an initial inventory of only 5kg of roasted coffee beans, which took around six months to sell in Jakarta. Slowly the Toraja Sapan variety started to gain recognition as native beans of North Toraja. This was followed by the introduction of Toraja Pulu Pulu beans in 2010 and Toraja Yale in 2014.

Dapoer Kopi believes that the company’s biggest strengths are their passion and family background. They are confident that excellence can only be achieved from a solid foundation. Outstanding support from their family and business partners, as well as their extensive experience, all these factors enable them to source the best raw coffee beans – they believe that a good coffee roastery is a roastery that understands its raw materials. They do not consider other roasteries as their competitors, they think of them as their fellow coffee devotees.

Dapoer Kopi truly has Toraja in their hearts. If they had a coffee shop, it would carry the theme of “Welcome to the real Toraja Experiences!” Everything related to North Toraja will be presented in the beverages. And not only coffee, there are a myriad of things to be explored from Toraja. The possibilities are endless.


Dapoer Kopi and Berto Roaster Machine

Berto One was the first Berto commercial roaster machine that Dapoer Kopi ever owned, before Berto’s bigger capacity machines were available in the market. During the period of 2008 – 2012, it was still not easy to source a good quality coffee roasting machine. Dapoer Kopi heard about Berto by word of mouth from a colleague, with high praises as a locally-made roaster machine with an excellent quality. This came as a nice surprise for Dapoer Kopi, but after three years using the Berto machine they found out that the time has come for their coffee roastery to upgrade to a bigger size.


A quote from Dapoer Kopi

What can we say? Simply, trust Indonesian products! The material, build quality, the features are comparable to imported products, the price point is attractive PLUS it is very easy to get after-sales support since the machine is built locally. Berto roaster machines are NOT euphorias without substance, they are real good-quality products dedicated to industrial scale. This means that we can rely on Berto machines in our manufacturing process. Excellent consistency on the roasted coffee beans production, outstanding technical support, and as far as we can tell, Berto always strives to attain perfection. There is no doubt about their commitment to their products and customers. So, do we recommend Berto to support your business? Definitely give it a try! Contact or visit the workshop in Jakarta. You won’t be sorry.


Dapoer Kopi
Pasar Modern Santa. Jl. Cipaku I Kebayoran Baru Jakarta Selatan
Operating hours: 08.00 – 16.00
Instagram: @DapoerKopi

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