Berto Type R Roaster: Get to know our commercial coffee roaster

Berto Type R Roaster: Get to Know Our Commercial Coffee Roaster

The art of coffee roasting involves heating coffee beans to bring out the distinctive flavors and aromas unique to each bean. The choice of coffee roasting equipment can significantly impact the quality of the final brew. If you’re new to the game, there are several commercial coffee roaster machines to explore, each with unique features and benefits.

Traditional drum roasters rotate the beans in a heated drum and are favored by commercial coffee roasters for their consistency. However, they tend to be larger and more expensive. Traditional Air roasters use hot air to agitate and roast the beans, which are smaller and less expensive but may produce less consistent results. For home use, micro-roasters are a cost-effective option that can help beginners kick off their coffee-roasting journey.

In the end, it goes down to your personal needs and objectives.

All Berto R roasters are automated and smokeless. We believe in simplifying the coffee roasting process. Our commercial coffee roaster machines help you focus on growing your business, not in your business.

Today, we want you to get to know the R Roasters better. Let’s get straight into it.


What is the Berto Type R Roaster?

The R Roaster is a great addition for medium to large-scale commercial coffee roasters and distributors looking to streamline their coffee roasting operations.

This Berto roaster is equipped with cutting-edge technology that uses 100% hot-air heat transfer to ensure consistency, while also offering a smokeless system for a cleaner, greener, and healthier work environment.

Although the two heat transfers are commonly used in tandem, convection heating in roasting machines is generally considered to be a more efficient and consistent way of roasting coffee compared to conduction.

Our R Roasters are convection roasters, meaning that heat is applied indirectly using hot air. Specialty coffee roasters who have transitioned to using full convection machines cite several advantages, including improved roast consistency and reduced risk of “scorching“.


If you’d like to learn more about convection heat transfer, read our blog ‘What’s so great about hot-air roasting?’


In addition to its smokeless standard, this Berto roaster is a fully automated machine that has the user-friendly touch screen control panel, making every roasting process seamless. You have the option to start a roast from the control panel or through the Artisan Roaster Scope software via your computer.


Berto Type R Roaster: Get to know our commercial coffee roaster


What are the benefits of this commercial coffee roaster?

With this Berto roaster, you can monitor and control everything manually on one screen, with an option to pre-program the roast progress in Recipe mode for a fully automated batch.

Secondly, it has a heat recovery system. The ambient temperature has minimum impact on the roast temperature, making consistency and repeatability between batches easier to achieve.

On top of being very durable and visually attractive, the stainless steel SAE 304 that we use for this machine is also food grade.

We mentioned previously that this roaster is smokeless. The exhaust air from the drum is sent to a high-performance cyclone and then channeled into the furnace, resulting in significantly reduced emissions. A 2017 study found that 87% of consumers hold a more favorable view of companies that support social and environmental issues. Given this trend, it’s only natural for any coffee business to address the concerns and follow suit!

Moreover, the type R roaster’s fully automated roasting capabilities mean you can start and stop the roasting process simply with a push of a button. Set the charge and drop temperatures for a fully automated bean charge and drop process.

Last but not least, it has a high-speed cooling system that reaches room temperature within minutes, saving you both time and energy.


Which Berto Type R Roaster is for you?

We offer three different drum capacities (8 kg, 20 kg, and 60 kg), allowing you to ramp up production and expand your coffee business to new heights.

Learn more about each individual specs and feature on the product page here.

Whether you are looking to roast specialty coffee in your shop, or a coffee distributor is considering scaling up your business, there is a roaster for everyone. Choose from a whole range of features according to your needs. We can help you to select the roaster machine that is right for you. Talk to us today!

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