Berto Essential: The small batch coffee roaster machine

Berto Essential: The Small Batch Coffee Roaster Machine

Small batch coffee roaster machines operate with many benefits that are uniquely different to those of commercial ones. The requirements, intended customer base, and even the processing techniques are distinct for small batch coffee roasters. Is it the perfect-size machine to kick off your coffee roasting journey? Why have some specialty coffee roasters invested in small batch coffee roaster machines?

Let’s take a look.


What is small batch coffee roasting?

Small batch coffee roasting generally refers to coffee that is roasted up to 20 kg in capacity, but it can also refer to coffee that is roasted in small batches, say 50 kg in a 130 kg capacity roaster. It is sometimes known as micro batching or micro roasting. Because of its smaller-scale production, small batch coffee roasting is preferred for its fresher roasts.

So, what are the perks of small batch coffee roasting?


It puts an emphasis on freshness

According to the National Coffee Association USA, coffee beans lose their freshness immediately after roasting. They recommend that we consume beans within two weeks of their roasting date.

Because of the long production process, large and medium batch coffee may lose freshness and potency quicker. Commercial coffee companies also typically roast tons of beans every day. This usually means that some beans get left behind for later pick up or shipping, and we can’t be too sure how fresh they will be once purchased, as some have probably been sitting at the warehouse.

When you roast in smaller batches, you’ll be more likely to keep a low inventory, sell your roasted coffee quicker, and have shorter turnovers.

The Berto Essential roaster machine offers a compact 1 kg capacity, with a roasting time as fast as seven minutes, as well as a swift four-minute cooling time.


There is more care and control

If you plan to immerse yourself into coffee roasting, the Berto Essential roaster machine will help you do just that with its high controllability. Meaning, if you’d like to experiment more with your roasts, or fine-tune them, the control will all be in your hands. But don’t let this feature intimidate you. One of the things that set Berto Essential apart from other brands is that this machine is designed to be highly responsive, so the roasters can freely explore in order to achieve their desired roasting profiles. It is equipped with smooth and linear gas adjustment, with electronic gas control using a rotary knob. You can also control your machine through a computer, where you gas adjustments will be recorded and can be loaded for future replications.


Berto Essential: The small batch coffee roaster machine


Preparing coffee this way allows roasters to experiment and innovate, which they might not be able to do if roasting coffee on large scales. This can result in a more consistent and higher quality final brew! Plus, mindfully roasted coffee will naturally taste better.

All in all, they can just have fun with it! Once they have perfected a roast or a recipe, the Berto Essential Playback Assist recipe replication is available to ensure a consistent roast every time.


Do I need a small batch roaster machine for my business?

Different roasters have different capacities. Before deciding: think about the amount of coffee you want to produce each week and the number of times you are going to roast within that time. If you’re unsure of what size you need, find out here.

For those moments when your day does not go as planned, you can still rely on Berto Essential Roaster to do its job. Just like with other Berto machines, safety has always been our priority. Our roasting machine is equipped with a safety regulator as well as ignition and burner safety controls to ensure safety while the machine is operating. With Berto Essential Roaster, you can work safely even during unexpected moments.


Need help setting up your micro coffee roasting business? Talk to our team or look at the Berto Roaster lineup to get you going.

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