Is Coffee Roasting Business Profitable?

Is Coffee Roasting Business Profitable?

Before you dive into a business, it is crucial to determine whether this endeavor is profitable or not. After all, running a business takes a lot of time, effort, and money, and we need to be certain that the business is worth it. And just like any business, a coffee roaster can turn into a profitable business, if done the right way. In this post, we will talk about the latest industry trends in coffee roasting, things to consider before establishing a coffee roastery, and how to create a profitable coffee roasting business with the right equipment.


Latest Industry Trends on Coffee Roasters

Even with a significant drop during the Covid-19 pandemic, coffee remains one of the most-consumed beverages in the world. Every minute, 2.3 million cups of coffee are consumed worldwide, making coffee a multibillion-dollar industry. Let’s take a look at the latest industry trends for roasted coffee:


Is Coffee Roasting Business Profitable?


In a nutshell, a coffee retailer usually has the least profit margin due to high expenses in operating a retail location or a cafe. Roasters that roasts and also serves their own coffee have higher profit margins. The coffee roasters that focus on selling wholesale have a lower profit margin, but they make it up in volume from their large and long-term customer base. The best profit margin can be achieved by the coffee roaster that sells to both retail and wholesale.


Things To Consider Before Starting A Coffee Roastery

Below are the four things you need to carefully consider before establishing a coffee roasting business:

  1. Startup costs – building, coffee roasting machine, installation costs, warehouse, etc.
  2. Operating costs – green coffee beans, packaging, label, electricity, gas, salaries, etc.
  3. Sales, margins, and profit – select wholesale and retail customers and set the profit margins for each, bearing in mind that green coffee beans lose 13-20% of their weight loss after roasting.
  4. Marketing costs – smart and constant marketing will get your product recognized by the market and increase the demand from the customers.

Please visit our previous blogs to learn how to set up an efficient roastery and how small roasters can manage costs and become more profitable.


Profitable Coffee Roasting Business With Berto Roaster

As many of us realize, starting a coffee roasting business takes quite a considerable amount of investment. One of the biggest upfront investments is the coffee roasting machine, in fact, it is a major one that often keeps coffee shops from taking the next step to roast their own coffee beans.

With Berto Roaster, we aim to take down this barrier of entry. Here are the things we do that can save your money in the long run:

  • Compact and efficient design

Berto Roaster machines are designed in such a way that means lower operating costs and less space needed.

  • Very low emission and a smoke-free 

Our Type R roasters produce very low emissions and are entirely smoke-free, which means lower startup costs and an easier application process with the local regulations.

  • Low maintenance

Our roaster machines require minimum maintenance and regular service.

  • Less waste

Rather than months of training and waste, our automatic replication feature helps you keep a consistent roast profile no matter who operates the machine.

  • Cash-flow friendly

Our machines are affordable, and leasing options are available so you can start roasting straight away without burdening your cash flow.

We designed Berto Roaster machines meticulously and keep perfecting them over the years so that our customers can save time and money, and focus on selling the best coffee.


Coffee roasting can definitely be a profitable business. To make a profitable coffee roasting business, you need to invest time and effort aside from the coffee roasting process itself. By careful planning and strategizing, differentiating your business from your competitors, using the right roaster machine, cutting unnecessary costs and generating additional income, and marketing your business consistently well, you can bring your coffee roaster business to the next level.

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