Client Profile – Revoneiro

Client Profile – Revoneiro

Today we are taking a look at one of Berto’s clients, Revoneiro coffee roastery in Malang, East Java. Revoneiro’s philosophy is in its name, and it’s all about achieving your dreams. Starting his coffee journey as a barista in 2006, founder Triadi Setiawan (Iwan) aims to provide great quality coffee at an affordable price. Revoneiro is one of the oldest coffee roasteries in Malang, which was established in 2009. It is currently roasting with the monthly roasting capacity of 800 to 1000 kg of coffee beans sold in their store and also online. Revoneiro currently carries over 40 different varieties of coffee beans, both from domestic and overseas coffee plantations. There are even two varieties native to the Malang area, with the beans harvested from the hills of Mt. Arjuna. Actually, its best-selling bean is the Kopi Arjuna Budug Asu variety.

Revoneiro also sells custom blends to other coffee shops or cafe chains, from both its store and online channels. The sale of these custom blends accounts to up to 20% of Renoveiro’s overall sales.

In addition, the company also runs a coffee shop called Ini Kopi. At Ini Kopi, coffee lovers can enjoy great coffee in a relaxed, casual atmosphere. Its best-selling beverage is es susu kopi kocok (coffee milkshake). The shop sells various coffee beans, coffee powder, syrup, and also tea. Buyers can purchase in small quantities, in order to make the coffee more accessible to everybody.

Coffee Future, Revoneiro Style

Revoneiro Roastery has a positive outlook on the future of the coffee industry in Indonesia, as the industry keeps growing each year and also gets more competitive. Iwan believes that farmers are the key to producing good quality beans, as they conduct the entire process from harvesting the red coffee fruit to turning them into dried coffee beans. Excellent quality beans will attract coffee roasters, who will purchase at a premium price. Hence it is important to educate coffee farmers to increase production quality.

Iwan is actively representing Revoneiro in a number of events, from cupping sessions, talk shows, roasting workshops, and many other events in various locations.

Revoneiro and Berto Roaster Machine

Since the first time Iwan saw and tested Berto machine for roasting, he was immediately convinced about the quality of the material, build-up, and the roasting results. Iwan is confident that Berto is an Indonesian-made coffee roasting machine with outstanding quality, supported by an exceptional team.

Revoneiro currently uses three Berto roasters, Berto One, Berto Six, and Berto D12. Another roasting machine, Berto D3 will soon join the roastery as well.


Jl Candi Trowulan 67 Malang, Jawa Timur
Operating hours: Mon – Fri 10.00 – 20.00
Instagram: @ini_kopi

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