How Coffee Roasters Can Generate More Businesses

How Coffee Roasters Can Generate More Businesses

Most coffee roasters think that the key to success is simply roasting the best coffee beans available. While you do need to master your craft and sell great coffee, there are many other things beyond roasting coffee that you need to do to make your coffee business successful. Since the coffee industry is booming, there are more and more options for cafes and coffee shops to source their roasted coffee beans from, more high-quality coffee is available in the market, and more coffee shops even choose to roast coffee for themselves.  What can coffee roasters do to stand out from the crowd? In this article, we will give you creative ideas on how coffee roasters can grow their businesses.


How Coffee Roasters Can Grow Their Businesses

Without a doubt, coffee roasters still require all the basics to start their journey towards success. Great coffee beans with unique flavor, consistency in roasting and the quality of the end product, and good relationship with customers are still the main factors. But there are many other things that coffee roasters can do to elevate themselves above the competition. Here are some examples.


1. Be a valuable resource for coffee shops

Coffee roasters would do well if they become a “one-stop shop” for their customers. Instead of only selling roasted coffee beans, why not build a full-service business for coffee shops and cafes? Below are some ideas of the additional services that coffee roasters can provide:

  • Run cupping sessions for coffee shops where they can invite select customers
  • Provide intensive training for baristas
  • Sell coffee brewing equipment and provide technical support
  • Create custom coffee blends
  • Put detailed information about the coffee beans and their origins
  • Offer education sessions to customers

How Coffee Roasters Can Generate More Businesses


2. Nurture small coffee shops and grow with them

Spend time and effort to build strong relationships with customers. If you have new cafes or coffee shops, it is recommended to support them to help grow the business – this will reflect on your sales as well. Do joint events such as coffee-related workshops and special promotions regularly, this will increase both the cafe’s profile and also your brand recognition.


3. Focus on customer service and repeat sales

One key thing that makes a coffee roaster stand out among the competitors is your quality of service. Make an effort to touch base regularly with your customers, send samples, find out your customers’ taste preferences, communicate with baristas, send the latest information and ideas, all this will turn your sincere relationships into repeat businesses.


4. Be present on social media

Coffee roasters can actually increase brand recognition and win new businesses using social media. Nowadays, there are many things we can do on social media at little or no cost, we only need to be active and present. Use videos, live features, marketing campaigns, be a guest speaker at a podcast, etc in your social media to promote your business as well as your customers. 


5. Keep up with the latest trends in the industry

Just like any other business, the coffee industry is always evolving and new trends are always emerging. By keeping up-to-date with the latest industry trends, coffee roasters can maintain their position in the market, win new businesses and keep old customers returning for more.

How Coffee Roasters Can Generate More Businesses

6. Be proactive

Being proactive means coffee roasters need to find new ways to engage with potential and existing customers. Make a user-friendly website, be accessible, provide clear information to prospective customers, approach new places and talk to them. Also, create a coffee community to establish more connections to your customer base.


Growing the business and winning new sales for a coffee roaster is not difficult, but it does take time. At the bottom line, customers want these three things from their suppliers: quality, relationship and customer service. We have mentioned so many creative ways that coffee roasters can do to provide all of these. Please feel free to use the ideas above and turn your coffee roastery into a booming business.

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