Berto R-Roaster: The Ultimate Commercial Coffee Roaster Machine

Berto R-Roaster: The Ultimate Commercial Coffee Roaster Machine

Whether you’re thinking of roasting more coffee beans at your coffee shop, finding new markets to supply your excellent roasted coffee beans into, or just looking to expand the capacity of your existing coffee roastery, there is a myriad of available commercial coffee roaster machines to choose from – each with different features, sizes, and sizes. However, selecting a coffee roaster machine isn’t just as easy as calculating how much coffee you can roast with it. Especially for established coffee roasters and coffee distributors with a growing customer base, there are many things to consider before making the leap into the large-scale coffee business. We will explain more in the article below.

Selecting A Commercial Coffee Roaster Machine

If you are looking to buy or upgrade your commercial coffee roaster machine into a large-scale roaster, there are basic things like durability, size, cleanability, and price that you need to consider. The decision will depend on how much green coffee beans you plan to produce each day, your projected capacity over time, your existing and potential markets, your long-term business plan and goals, and how much you can invest in the coffee roasting machine.

In addition, there are some other considerations beyond the roasting machine itself, such as:

  • Floor space
  • Gas supply
  • Ventilation
  • Storage space
  • Logistics for supplies and distribution

Once all these considerations are factored in and all potential problems are solved, then you can start looking for the perfect commercial coffee roaster machine. You would do well to invest smartly in a large-scale coffee roaster that suits your business with all the right functions as well as capacity. We offer you our best solution, our Berto R-Roaster series.


Berto R-Roaster: The Ultimate Commercial Coffee Roaster Machine

The Best Large Scale Commercial Coffee Roaster Machine: Berto R-Roaster

Berto R-Roaster is a commercial coffee roasting machine that offers 100% hot air heat transfer for higher consistency, a smokeless system, a touch screen control panel, and a fully automated roasting capability. These superior convection roasters are available in three large drum capacities that you can choose from, 8kg, 20kg, and 60kg. 

Other useful benefits of Berto R-Roaster:

Smooth operation

Everything can be monitored from the touch-screen control panel, with an option to pre-program the roast progress in Recipe mode for a fully automated batch.

Consistent quality

Berto R-Roaster uses a recirculated convection system, in which the ambient temperature has minimum impact on the roast temperature. This results in more consistent product quality and higher repeatability between batches.

Durable and stylish

Our machine is extremely durable, with a stylish design using stainless steel SAE304 material that is also food grade, which will be an added advantage when applying for your local regulatory certification.

Low emission

We take pride that our smoke-free system produces a very low emission that is safe for the environment. The exhaust air from the drum is sent to a high-performance cyclone and then channeled into the furnace, resulting in significantly reduced emissions.

Improved safety features

Berto R-Roaster has improved, high-tech safety features such as gas leak detectors, low-pressure alarms, flame failure detectors, and safe shut down. 

Fast bean cooling

Lock in the flavor of the coffee beans with a high-speed cooling system that reaches room temperature within minutes. With this feature, the roasted coffee beans are brought back to their initial temperature in a very short time to avoid over-burning.


Berto R-Roasters are the ultimate production rosters for medium to large-scale commercial coffee roasters and coffee distributors. With its three large drum capacities and superior features, we believe our roaster machines are the best solution to help you grow and expand the production and distribution of your coffee business to great new heights. With Berto R-Roasters, you can work ON your business, not IN your business in the coffee industry.

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