Dig Deep Into Indonesian Coffee: Kintamani Coffee Beans

In our previous blog, we discussed in general about the five most popular coffee beans from Indonesia. In this post,…

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How To Choose Green Coffee Beans

As coffee roasters, we aim to select the best coffee beans that we roast and accentuate their best characteristics, in…

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Rate Your Roast: Cupping Session and More

In our previous article, we addressed how to achieve consistency from your coffee roaster. From a customer point of view,…

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Dig Deep into Indonesian Coffee: Gayo Coffee Beans

In our previous blog, we have taken a glance at Indonesia’s most popular coffee beans. In this post, we will…

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Strategies for the Coffee Businesses During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in ways that many of us couldn’t have imagined half a year ago….

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What Coffee Roasters Actually Do

Coffee roasting is the process that transforms coffee beans from the raw green beans into brown ones that are the…

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Berto D-Roaster Machine: The Smart Drum Roaster

When your business is booming, you start to think of increasing your roasting capacity. Moreover, you also need to delegate…

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Client Profile – Dapoer Kopi

Dapoer Kopi is a coffee roastery that specializes in Toraja coffee beans was established in 2010 by founder Christine Tandibua….

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The Importance of Roast Profiles

Talking about the roast profile of a certain coffee bean basically means we are really discussing the process that the…

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Five Popular Indonesian Coffee Beans

Indonesian Coffee At A Glance During the Dutch occupation in 1699, VOC (Dutch East India Company) brought Arabica coffee seedlings…

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